Filament - CARBONX PA6 CF GEN3 Nylon Filled


ASA, also known as acrylic styrene acrylonitrile, is a plastic with ABS-like properties. This material is most notable for its high UV resistance, toughness against harsh weather conditions, and resulting outdoor durability, making it particularly suitable for outdoor applications.

In addition, ASA is known for its high impact resistance, a good temperature resistance and is largely scratch resistant. ASA is also characterized by good resistance to chemicals, greases and oils.

When using a heated build space, the ASA filament enables build space filling printing with comparable good printability to ABS. Nevertheless, the tendency to warping due to its thermal properties and the emission of toxic vapors during the printing process must be taken into account.

In terms of post-processing, this material offers a wide range of possibilities. Application examples: Automotive, e.g., housing-like components and body parts; components in the field of sports and leisure, fan cladding, wall brackets for indoor and outdoor lighting, ventilation grilles, seat shells, garden irrigation systems, wind deflectors.


  • very high UV and weather resistance
  • high impact and wear resistance
  • suitable for outdoor applications and high temperatures

Processing information

  • Space-filling printing possible
  • similar good printability as ABS with heated build space
  • Tendency to warping
  • toxic evaporation during printing process (exhaust air required)
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