Support Material - AQUATEX X1 Universal

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For the additive manufacturing of complex components, reworking is made much easier by a soluble support structure. This involves placing the component together with the support structure in warm water after the printing process. There, the support structure detaches from the component without any sawing, cutting or grinding. The dissolved AQUATEK™ X1 support can then be disposed of in a normal household drain.

Thus, the AQUATEK™ X1 Support material impresses with its easy solubility and disposal as well as the simplification of the post-processing process. In addition, this support material is compatible with a wide range of plastic materials used in additive manufacturing.

Fields of application:
Additive manufacturing of complex geometries in all fields.

This material is a support material with the following properties:

  • water soluble
  • environmentally friendly degradable
  • no hazardous waste


  • water soluble support material
  • significant simplification of rework
  • compatibility with a wide range of materials
  • easy disposal
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