Filament - PEKK Carbon Kimya

Worth knowing

PEKK Carbon is, like PEKK, a high-temperature filament and also comes from the group of polyether ketones. Due to the carbon fiber reinforcement, the material is very resilient, but can score with a low weight.

It is particularly suitable for applications in which high load-bearing capacity exists and weight plays a central role. PEKK Carbon has different mechanical and technical properties and good chemical resistance, so that it is used in industrial production and in the oil and gas sector, for example. In addition, thanks to its high strength, it is enormously resistant to abrasion and has very good temperature resistance.

This filament is a flame-retardant material, certified according to UL94 V0. Compared to PEEK, PEKK Carbon is much easier to process.

Fields of application:

Industrial application, automotive technology e.g. parts in the engine compartment and engine hoods, aerospace technology, applications in the chemical, oil and gas sector.


  • very high temperature resistance
  • enriched with carbon fibers
  • high load capacity and excellent abrasion resistance
  • flame retardant according to UL94 V0 classification
  • complies with REACH regulation
  • suitable for industrial production, oil and gas sector

Processing information

  • depending on the geometry, filling of the installation space is possible
  • much easier processing than PEEK
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