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THERMAX® PEKK-C, like PEKK, is a high-temperature filament with improved tensile strength and also comes from the group of polyetherketones. Thus, this material is promising for the application of thermally and mechanically highly stressed components, where the lowest possible weight plays a central role. Compared to PEEK, PEKK is much easier to process additively. In addition, thanks to its high strength, it is enormously resistant to abrasion and chemicals. Furthermore, this PEKK filament can be used up to a continuous service temperature of 260 °C and is proven to be flame retardant.

These aspects make THERMAX® PEKK-C filament ideal for use in the oil and gas sector, for example. Due to its abrasive property, the use of a hardened extruder nozzle is recommended.

Fields of application:
For industrial applications in the automotive or aerospace sector, parts in engine compartments or hoods, oil and gas sector.


  • very high temperature resistance up to 260 °C and higher for a short time
  • very high strength and excellent abrasion resistance

Processing information

  • much easier processing than PEEK
  • inherent flame resistance (UL94 V-0)
  • suitable for industrial production, oil and gas sector
  • much easier processing than PEEK
  • critical behavior in printing process
  • Use of a hardened nozzle is advantageous due to abrasive properties
  • ATTENTION! Critical behavior in printing process from component size of 150x150x150
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