Filament - PC - Sabic Lexan Black

Worth knowing

In general, polycarbonates (PC) have good mechanical properties, a very high melting temperature and good dimensional stability. The high-impact filament PC SABIC LEXAN(TM) represents a PC variant for particularly demanding parts and is therefore preferred for functional end-use applications.

Compared to conventional PC, the SABIC filament scores with its optimized impact strength and ductility, especially at low and room temperatures.

In addition, this PC variant enables a printing process with a fine layer height, which means that a particularly high-resolution object can be generated.

Application examples:
Electronic and electrical components, housings, privacy elements, protective covers and containers, bottles.


  • Particularly high impact strength and ductility at low and room temperature
  • high resolution printing with fine layer height
  • suitable for functional end-use applications
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