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The high-performance polyamide FiberThree F3 PA-CF Pro is based on the polymer PA6 and has a 15% by weight carbon fiber reinforcement. The carbon fiber content gives this material enormous strength and stiffness.

In addition to the very good mechanical properties, the good surface quality and the high chemical and thermal resistance, this material is a promising material for industrial applications and is therefore used for the generation of extremely light and resistant components. Due to the abrasive nature of this filament, the use of a hardened die is advantageous. The fiber content minimizes shrinkage and thus warping during the printing process, so that it is still easy to print. In addition, this filament allows for excellent adhesion.

Fields of application:
Small series, automotive industry, bicycle technology, medical technology e.g. prostheses and components for wheelchairs.


  • very high tensile strength
  • good temperature resistance
  • moderate moisture absorption
  • for extremely light and resistant components as well as functional prototype components

Processing information

  • Use of a hardened nozzle is advantageous due to abrasive properties
  • easy printability due to reduction of shrinkage and thermal distortion
  • excellent adhesion to various printing plates
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