3D printing systems for industrial applications

Printing systems from innovatiQ are versatile: Whether complex individual part or series parts – you always get an impressive result!

3D Drucker für Thermoplaste

TiQ 5

High productivity with maximum process reliability - packed into an XXL build space!

3D Drucker -

LiQ 320

Additive manufacturing with injection molding silicone and discover new possibilities!


Cost effective industrial 3D printing with reliable precision and reliability at the same time!

3D Drucker


Industrial 3D printer for parts made of PLA with the largest print space in its class!

3D Drucker x400 Front


Open Platform 3D Printing in industrial quality - for the curious with ambitious!

MiQ 5 Filament Trockner

MiQ 5

Die Material Trocknungseinheit von innovatiQ: eine unerlässliche Ergänzung!