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Here you will find your system solutions for 3D printing for industry and professional use!

At innovatiQ, we develop and manufacture 3D printing systems for industrial applications. As a German manufacturer, we are specialists in filament printing technology and liquid additive manufacturing, i.e. 3D components made of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR).

Your material freedom is our philosophy.

A decisive success factor in additive manufacturing is the use of the appropriate material. With printing systems from innovatiQ, you are not tied to a material manufacturer. This allows you to choose from a wide range of material manufacturers and unimagined material properties.
The innovation cycles for new materials are significantly shorter for 3D printing systems. It means you already benefit from innovations in materials science during the operating life of a innovatiQ 3D printing system.

Technology leader in Liquid Additive Manufacturing (LAM).

innovatiQ is the pioneer in additive manufacturing of components made of liquid silicone. Already in 2018, we realized the idea and applied for a patent – opening up unimagined possibilities in manufacturing for our customers. With our LiQ 320 printing system, we currently offer the most reliable system. It combines the diverse applications of LSR material with the new degrees of freedom of 3D printing: freedom of shape, functional components, one-off production. The world of silicone processing has been fundamentally simplified with LAM technology from innovatiQ.

We are your partner – Safe process in application, reliable in service.

We want your success in additive manufacturing. From planning to conception, from software to material selection, from prototype to industrial serial printing. We help you build your own know-how. Through our open material platform, you don’t have to share your expert knowledge with us. On your way to becoming an expert, we advise and accompany you at innovatiQ.

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Industrial printers from innovatiQ cover a wide range of applications: From detailed and individual components to industrial series production, you always get impressive results.

We developed our printing systems on focusing the people who operate it. Ergonomics and functionality fulfill all the operator’s needs. Our HMI includes many SmartFunctions that guide the user to the goal faster in daily operation and make work on the printing system more effective. Let yourself be convinced by the latest extruder technology for high-performance thermoplastics, maintenance-friendly cooling systems: all with the highest safety standards!

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Additive manufacturing technology is now used in every industry.

Experience field-tested applications from various industries, all manufactured with 3D printing systems from innovatiQ.

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Experience material diversity - Be inspired by the wide range of possibilities in material selection!

With our material selection we would like to give you some suggestions and first hints what is possible or what has to be considered.

Here you will find detailed information on the requirements and properties of materials in the field of 3D printing. With our material finder you get an overview of all materials for which our printers have been tested and you can interactively compile suitable materials and suitable 3D printers for your individual requirements!

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