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The polypropylene filament PPprint P-Filament 721 represents an optimized variant of PP, which was developed for improved printability. This filament reduces the occurrence of warping as well as shrinkage and at the same time has a very high adhesion between the individual generated layers.

In addition to its good mechanical properties and exceptional fatigue characteristics, it also scores points for its high fracture resistance as well as chemical and temperature resistance. In addition, this PP filament is particularly used in the food and packaging industry due to its food-safe properties.

Application examples:
Prototyping, electrical components, functional parts e.g. hinges, packaging and storage applications.


  • very high layer adhesion
  • high chemical & temperature resistance
  • food safe according to EU regulation No. 10/2011, FDA approval

Processing information

  • Optimized printability due to reduced warpage and shrinkage
  • high layer adhesion
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